Stand a chance to win rewards worth over 1 lakh rupees all the while trying your hand at an exciting series of activities that will be both exciting and test your knowledge about the industry.


Criteria for participation:
  • 18-24, year of birth 1996-2002
  • Prior academic/professional experience
  • Registration fee of Rs.299


How it works:

Round 1:

Aptitude test based on relevant current affairs pertaining to the event and entertainment industry

Round 2:

Gift of the gab: Each participant will be given 2 minutes(30 sec for topic selection & prep + 90 sec for presentation)

Round 3:

The goal here is to be able to sell the selected product under 3 mins to the judges (1 min preparation + 2 mins presentation)


A full concession on the fees for the Certificate Program In Event Management worth Rs. 1.77 lakhs /  The Online Program – Event Career Kickstarter worth Rs. 1.20 lakhs.